HANDS UP goes school!
School is the future!

How can I talk to deaf people?  Is school different for deaf children?  Can deaf people watch television?  How can deaf people be at school on time if they can't hear the alarm clock?  Can deaf people also ski?

How can I talk 
to deaf people? 
Is school different 
for deaf children? 
Can deaf people 
watch television? 
How can deaf people 
be at school on time 
if they can't hear 
the alarm clock? 
Can deaf people 
also ski?

Life is a journey of discovery

Our deaf guides take children and young people on an exciting journey of discovery into the world of silence.

They show them how much fun sign language can be. They encourage them to get curious about the realities of deaf people’s lives. And they walk hand in hand with them when they experience music in the same way a deaf person does for the very first time.

People who have had positive experiences with deaf people (or with other minorities) during their school years carry a positive attitude into their later social environment. They shape an inclusive and barrier-free future.

Exhibition pedagogy

The exhibition pedagogy and mediation is adapted to the respective age group.
We recommend visiting Hands Up from the age of 8 onwards.


Our deaf guides are coming to the school. The offer for schools ranges from one-hour or multi-hour interactive workshops for school classes to an experiential exhibition for the whole school.

School sponsorships

HANDS UP is trying to get companies to sponsor schools. School sponsors buy a ticket contingent, dedicate it to a school and thus enable young people free access to the exhibition and strengthen their awareness for an inclusive world of diversity.