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HANDS UP is mobile as well. We travel with the exhibition throughout Austria. We took part in the Week of Linguistic Diversity in the Old Town Hall in Linz for example. The city of Salzburg also invited the World of Silence to Mirabell Palace for a fortnight.

You’ve got the following options: 

HANDS UP On Tour consists of flexible walls with presentations and explanations, as well as interactive elements. In addition, there are stand-up PCs that show different videos about the lives of deaf people, as well as gamified sign language exercises. Technical aids of deaf people complete the exhibition.

Our deaf guides are the heart of the exhibition and lead you through their world.

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The workshops include an introduction to the everyday life and culture of deaf people. Participants learn about the role of facial expressions in communication. They find out which signs they already recognise and learn first basic vocabulary. Of course, everyday life for the deaf should not be neglected in this workshop. It shows how things are different for deaf people in their daily lives. The highlight of the workshop is the music and sign language karaoke.

This workshop is offered on a staggered basis, depending on whether you want to deepen your knowledge or raise your awareness, as a one-hour workshop, a three-hour workshop with interpreting or as a one-day seminar.

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Children and young people are a particularly important target group. Participation in HANDS UP is an important contribution to social learning. Because people who have already had positive experiences with deaf people (or with other minorities) during their school years carry a positive attitude towards this group into their later social environment.

The offer for schools ranges from interactive workshops of one or more hours for school classes to an experiential exhibition for the whole school.

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