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HANDS UP is mobile as well. We travel with the exhibition throughout Austria. We took part in the Week of Linguistic Diversity in the Old Town Hall in Linz for example. The city of Salzburg also invited the World of Silence to Mirabell Palace for a fortnight.

You’ve got the following options: 

HANDS UP On Tour consists of flexible walls with presentations and explanations, as well as interactive elements. In addition, there are stand-up PCs that show different videos about the lives of deaf people, as well as gamified sign language exercises. Technical aids of deaf people complete the exhibition.

Our deaf guides are the heart of the exhibition and lead you through their world.

Request a proposal now at office@handsup.wien.

Depending on the desired level of in-depth knowledge, we offer workshops of varying duration – either at your premises or at ours. These workshops are not only entertaining and humorous, but also client-oriented, meaning that both the duration and the content are based on your wishes and needs.

After mutual agreement, the focus of the workshop is determined and client-specific signs are developed accordingly. Accompanied by interactions within your group, on our touch PCs and of course with our deaf guides, you will dive into a silent world together.

Which barriers and which accesses are there for deaf people? How do you make contact with deaf people and what do you have to bear in mind when dealing with them? How does the situation change when an interpreter is present? What alternative means of communication are there if you do not speak the same language? What do facial expressions and body language mean and why is sign language not international?

Questions remain unanswered? No problem – supported by our hearing communication assistant, there will be enough time for exchange, questions and answers.

If the workshop takes place at our premises, we also offer an individual riddle rally on request.

Get an offer now at office@handsup.wien


Tour schedule

Fr., 14.04.2023: Philharmonie Köln

Sa., 15.04.2023: Konzerthaus Bielefeld

So., 16.04.2023: Euregio Musikfestival Osnabrück

Mo., 17.04.2023: Berliner Philharmoniker

Di., 18.04.2023: Lübeck Musikhalle

Fr., 29.09.2023: Konzerthaus Wien, Beat the Silence

03.-07.10.2023: Wr. Neustadt

14.-15.11.2023: GESTU Graz

This is where we've been

Aktionswoche Inklusion FH St.Pölten 03.05.2023

Landesmuseum Kärnten: 31.03.2023

Parlament Wien: 05.07.-08.07.2022 (im Rahmen eines Sensibilisierungs-Workshops)

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Wr.Linien Tramwaytag 2022: Sa., 03.09.2022 (HANDS UP bereits zum 2. Mal mit dabei!)

ORF Linz: 02.09.-03.09.2022 (beim Tag der Offenen Tür ORF Linz waren rund 10.000 Besucher_innen – die haben natürlich nicht alle  HANDS UP gesehen oder eine Führung gemacht, dennoch ist es eine beeindruckende Zahl)

ORF Eisenstadt: 07.09.-10.09.2022

ORF Innsbruck: 16.09.-18.09.2022

ORF Klagenfurt: 28.09.2022-01.10.2022 (01.10.2022: Lange Nacht der Museen! Hier waren rund 500 Besucher_innen bei uns in der Ausstellung und haben Führungen gemacht!)

ORF St.Pölten: 13.11.-14.11.2022 (auch im Rahmen des Landespatrons Hl. Leopold am 15.11.2022 – hier wird es ein Festzelt geben – großes Ramasuri!)

ORF Dornbirn: 18.11.-20.11.2022:

Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Schottenring, 1010 Wien: 29.11-30.11.2022 (Sensibilisierung / Führungen für die Mitarbeiter_innen)

Workshop im Förder- und Pflegezentrum Perchtoldsdorf: 23.11 und 25.11.2022

Workshop im Parlament Wien: 15.11.2022 und 05.12.2022

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